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Root Canals

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If you have persistent pain in the area around a single tooth, you may need a root canal. Though root canals have a bad reputation, they are actually one of the best ways to relieve pain and swelling caused by severe tooth decay and bacteria.

Without treatment, loss of the tooth is likely, because infection occurs once decay reaches the pulp tissue inside the tooth. Fortunately, the dental plan designed by you and our staff typically allows us to catch decay and perform root canals in a timely manner.

Tooth with decay and infection

Before Root Canal

Root canal treatment with tooth-colored filling

After Root Canal

Our Walnut Grove, CA dentist can save your tooth by gently removing damaged tissue and nerves and by carefully cleaning and sealing the tooth to protect it from bacteria. In most cases, receiving a root canal feels like receiving a filling — and we offer comfortable options that eliminate pain and induce a serene, relaxed state while we perform this simple procedure.

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